“Great ideas may come from individuals..
          Great products come from great teams”

Nanospeed offers a relaxed yet stimulating work environment, where good patentable ideas are encouraged and teamwork is valued.

The founding technologists at NanoSpeed have roots in the aerospace industry and have directed their talent and expertise to bringing new levels of speed, robustness and reliability to the trading community. Designed by innovative developers with an extensive history in architecting advanced solutions in the European aerospace industry, NanoSpeed brings stringent development practices and performance which are the norm in the aerospace industry to financial markets.

Nanospeed’s access currently covers more than 30 exchanges across North America, Europe, and Asia, but that list will grow.

NanoSpeed has impressively different approach to FPGA development in the ultra-low latency space. The NanoSpeed team have an excellent understanding of capital markets, and HFT in particular. Uniquely, they combine this with a background in aerospace, which allows them to build exceptionally fast and highly robust systems. NanoSpeed has clear strategy for becoming the leaders in FPGA development.