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Hyper-fast Trading

NanoSpeed provides ground-breaking low latency FPGA trading solutions. Nano-TG is a robust, high-performance, fully integrated trading gateway deployable in co-location centres, providing the lowest available latency for HFT.

Investment banks, proprietary trading firms and hedge funds use our solutions to gain a competitive edge in trading, market data processing and risk management. We have a deep understanding of the business, regulatory and operational requirements and we have incorporated all the important elements into our products.

For all our clients speed is of critical importance, especially in trading. But so is reliability. Our products are engineered to exceptionally high standards, using the aerospace development model as the basis of our design and testing processes. NanoSpeed employs some of FPGA industry’s best engineers as well as highly-experienced experts in financial markets, quant traders and software engineers, to deliver ultra-low latency, exceptionally robust products.