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9 September 2018

Risky Business - Pre-trade Risk and the Role of FPGA in Derivatives

Sanjay Shah, CTO of NanoSpeed talks to DerivSource about how these regulations are re-shaping the industry and the role that connectivity solutions such as the ultra-fast field programmable gate array (FPGA) have to play. Listen to the podcast or read the transcript.

26 May 2018

NanoSpeed Slashes FPGA Trading, Data Exchange Gateway

UK-based NanoSpeed, a provider of low-latency FPGA solutions for trading, has announced the launch of Nano-Gateway, a trading gateway which will offer benefits including order entry, pre-trade risk and market data, which is "10 to 20 times faster" than its nearest competitor, officials say.. (required registration)

26 May 2015

NanoSpeed launches new FPGA - Nano-Gateway

London - NanoSpeed, the provider of FPGA solutions, has announced the launch of Nano-Gateway, a trading gateway. The new FPGA halves the latency of NanoSpeed's first trading gateway, Nano-TG (launched in 2013). The new gateway offers order entry, pre-trade risk and market data and new connectivity to exchanges, including NASDAQ, PSX (Philadelphia Exchange) and BX (Boston Exchange) using the low-latency UFO protocol (UDP For Orders)..

13 April 2015

Tech start-ups seek to alleviate dark pool headaches

Several young financial technology companies are developing solutions to ensure that one of regulators’ key concerns is allayed, that dark pools operate in a fair way for all who trade in them.. London-based NanoSpeed Technologies is developing programmable computer chips known as field programmable gate arrays, or FPGAs, that will carry out pre-trade checks based on new MIFID requirements.

24 February 2015

NanoSpeed one of the Companies to Watch in 2015!

Markets Media have identified NanoSpeed as one of the companies to watch in 2015.

“These are firms that may not be on the radar currently, or they are just working their way onto the radar. They are doing something interesting or innovative, and they have the right people behind them to establish themselves and make some noise in future years”.

19 February 2015

A Year After Flash Boys, High Frequency Trading Lives On

Was Flash Boys a flash in the pan? Nearly a year since the Michael Lewis Best-seller assailed high frequency trading as the root of all evil - or at least unfairness - in equity markets, advocates of algorithmic techniques may still be muttering about how their profession was tarred.

23 December 2014

NanoSpeed in Risk Magazine Software Survey

Nano-risk, NanoSpeed’s CME-certified field-programmable gate array is designed to speed up trading, market data processing and risk management functions for dealers, hedge funds and high-speed trading firms. (requires registration)

1 December 2014

NanoSpeed’s high speed connectivity prepares for takeoff at London Stock Exchange

Founded by aerospace engineers, NanoSpeed’s optimized connectivity solution brings exceptionally low and deterministic latency to the London Stock Exchange

1 December 2014

NanoSpeed to Provide Ultra-Fast Risk Checks to LSE

NanoSpeed has announced it is now providing high-speed connectivity to the London Stock Exchange (LSE) equities and equity derivative businesses through its Nano-Risk field-programmable gate array (FPGA).

03 Nov 2014

NanoSpeed introduces Nano-Risk FPGA for CME

NanoSpeed, a provider of ultra-fast FPGA solutions to the trading community, has released its latest Nano-Risk FPGA with a latency of sub 60 nanoseconds for the CME.

03 Nov 2014

CME super-fast hardware acceleration for market risk by NanoSpeed

NanoSpeed released its latest Nano-Risk FPGA for the CME. With a latency of sub 60 nanoseconds the product is the new benchmark for fastest pre-trade risk checks.

22 October 2014

Pre-Trade Risk On a Chip

Thanks to FPGA architecture, trading firms can burn their pre-risk controls onto the circuits in their back-office servers - and keep the regulators at bay. (requires registration)

9 October 2014

The Need for Speed

Heather McKenzie explains why FPGA is going mainstream.

18 September 2014

Implementing Algo Strategies on FPGAs – Part 2

While FPGAs offer a vast concurrent resource to develop your trading strategies straight in the FPGA fabric, a system with FPGA embedded processors offers an easier transition.

12 August 2014

Implementing Algo Strategies on FPGAs – Part 1

Is it worth implementing algo strategies on FPGAs? The answer is that it depends on the strategies.

18 July 2014

Use of FPGAs in FX Trading

As FX trading becomes increasingly electronic, low-latency trading and risk technology will become increasingly critical to the market. FPGAs are helping accelerate the industry.

15 May 2014


High-frequency trading in the futures markets has been a hot topic for at least a few years now, and many of the arguments pro and con were aired in a Senate hearing this week.

13 May 2014

Finding The Perfect HFT - Regulatory Balance

Technology firms will continue to work with regulators to offer unbiased advice in coming up with regulations that work in tandem with innovation and facilitate efficient market conditions for all participants. (requires registration)

25 April 2014

Nanospeed to expand connectivity in Asia, to BRICs

Nanospeed expects to expand the reach of its connectivity services in Asia and to add connectivity in BRIC countries in the near term, according to comments from Sanjay Shah, chief technology officer of Nanospeed.

04 March 2014

The ‘Race to Zero’ continues with faster hardware (requires registration)

Stephanie Hammer looks at so-called hardware acceleration and why it matters to more than just low-latency firms.

24 January 2014

FX algorithms now easier to use and tactically much more proficient

William Essex investigates the latest developments with FX algorithms including efforts by providers to develop more advanced algorithmic toolsets with new tactical capabilities that although quick and simple to deploy are functionally much more adept than their predecessors.

17 December 2013

HFT specialist NanoSpeed hires Michael Villain for global business development

4 November 2013

Ultra high-performance FPGA trading gateway launched by NanoSpeed

31 Oct 2013

Nanospeed Readies FPGAs for Asia, Europe

... used by the Options Price Reporting Authority and other US options exchanges. However, Nanospeed is currently adding support for the SGX Singapore Exchange, the Australia ... Asian and European markets in response to client demand. ... Faye Kilburn ... data, IMD2013Nov4, NanoSpeed, FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array), Latency, protocol, Asia

Inside Market Data (requires registration)

30 Oct 2013

Hardware reduces latency to sub-microsecond

NanoSpeed, a provider of ultra-fast FPGA products to the trading community, has launched Nano-TG, an ultra-low latency trading gateway. Nano-TG is easily customizable by NanoSpeed, for example by incorporating client-specific risk checks and changes to protocols.

28 Oct 2013

Ultra High-Performance FPGA Trading Gateway Launched by NanoSpeed

28 Oct 2013

Ultra high-performance FPGA trading gateway launched by NanoSpeed