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NanoSpeed Product

  • Supported Markets
  • Risk Management
  • Performance
  • Additional Features

We are constantly adding new markets; currently our FPGA supports the following trading and market data protocols:

  • Nasdaq OUCH and ITCH
  • Nasdaq UFO (UDP For Orders)
  • Eurex EOBI market data handler and book building
  • Eurex ETI order entry
  • CME iLink and MDP3.0
  • FIX 4.x and FIX 5.x
  • Client-specific protocols can be rapidly incorporated

Mandatory pre-trade risk checks are built into our FPGAs adding virtually no latency, and include:

  • Instrument-specific buy/sell restrictions
  • Price limits
  • Order quantity
  • Notional value (price x quantity)
  • Average daily volume
  • Stale orders
  • Duplicate orders

Our FPGA is fastest on the market:

  • Quarter-microsecond wire-to-wire latency.
  • No jitter – 100% deterministic performance.
  • Over 32,000 client connections and 500 venue connections.
  • Lowest latency PCIe transfers.

We provide the following additional features with our system:

  • FPGA Management API included.
  • FPGA maintains current positions including open orders and exposure.
  • Nanosecond time stamping of all messages.
  • FPGA full/ partial reconfiguration over PCIe.